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TOUCH ME (2021)

Touch me! is a multisensory performance that explores the human need for contact and closeness. Altered bodies require the warmth of touch and hugs. Coldness becomes warmth to reach sensory explosion. Touch me! is a project by PDP11 that involves Carlos García Miragall, Paco Sanmartin, Carlos Barberá, and no(DOS)3 (Elia Torrecilla and Cristina Ghetti), Martina Botella, Paloma and Gilles Martin (Sono·lab), collaborating with Sono.Lab de las Naves (Ayuntamiento de Valencia) and the Universitat Politécnica de València (PID2020-116186RA-C32).

This performance took place during the Volumens Festival in Valencia, in the multipurpose space of the Naves del Ayuntamiento de Valencia in November 2021.


no(DOS)3 is a working team formed by Cristina Ghetti and Elia Torrecilla. Points that form a network that connects and interrelates ways of doing things, joining interests and combining experiences to create a new language based on multidisciplinary approaches. From different fields such as painting, new media, and performance, they address issues such as the line, sound, and body respectively, researching and experimenting with new relationships with physical and virtual space.
Sono·lab is a first experimental sound laboratory to promote social innovation and democratize knowledge of new trends in music creation and production. It is aimed at the general public, from people in the music and musical creation world to students, neophyte individuals, and vulnerable groups. Democratizing knowledge means opening it up to everyone. The objectives of Sono·lab, whose responsible person is Gilles Martin, are:
• Use innovation applied to music through emerging tools to help create a more shared, inclusive, and integrated city.
• Provide Valencia with a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive space dedicated to researching new tools for music creation and production.
• Interact with agents from the four helixes through collaboration agreements, dissemination events, and prototyping activities.
Martina Botella Mestres (1973).
Doctor of Fine Arts, belongs to the Intermedia Creations Laboratory (LCI) research group, is a professor of Contemporary Scenographic Practice and Sculpture II in the Sculpture Department of UPV. She has created numerous scenographies for El Teatro de los Manantiales company, artistic projects against macho violence, and currently participates in Radio Malva’s program Patada al Listón. Despite having music theory studies, playing tenor sax in a band, and having received one year of drum lessons, her technical skill in the musical field is lacking. She is currently developing sound artifacts to explore materiality and sound from the sculptural field.

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