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Mareas Vivas (2014)

«Mareas Vivas» is a project that takes place within the «mar_mar» exhibition within the «Mostra Viva» festival in Valencia.

Live tides, high tides or syzygies occur when the sun, moon and earth are aligned causing high tide and low tide have their maximum and minimum levels of amplitude. This occurs on a full moon or on a new moon.

At high tide, the water recovers the lost territory, the earth wanes and the water invades the space and at low tide everything changes again and it is the earth that takes the reins. The coast is nobody’s place and that’s why the beings of the earth and water always fight for it is the most coveted area of ​​the planet. To the tide of the tides is added the wave, one with its low frequency, four times a day in the lunar cycle and the other with high frequencies 2, 3 times per minute, depending on the impetus of the sea. The coast is the street of changes, nothing remains stable, everything flows.

This continuous evolution of tides and waves is the frame of reference for devising the main lines of the project. The proposal tries to suggest sound sensations of tides and waves through the spatial processing of electric guitars. The sound sensation that is proposed is not land or sea, it is the struggle of that space of everyone and anyone.

The concert is structured in 4 parts representing the tides of a lunar day.

PHASE 1. Preamar_1 Start of the day, the surf is serene. The tide rises and with it a slight intensity. The birds visit the morning.

PHASE 2. Bajamar_1. The low tide and the inhabitants of the coast take the sand, the surf is calm but there is much hustle and bustle on the beach.

PHASE 3. Preamar_2 The sea rises and with it comes the storm. Electricity runs along the coast and the rough sea expands its tentacles. Thunder and lightning, enraged wind.

PHASE_4. Bajamar_2. At the end of the calm again. The dawn returns the slow rhythm of the waters. The stones slide and the night clothes the eyes.

Sound recording of the concert held in the courtyard La Nao, Universitad of Valencia, 12/8/2014

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