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Dentro y fuera (2015)

«Dentro y fuera» is a project made by Carlos García Miragall (panning), Deco Nascimento (sound) and Francisco Sanmartin with the collaboration of Chiara Sgaramella and Estela Lopez.
Meditation is a practice that seeks to reach a state of concentrated attention, through fixation on an external object, through thought, through consciousness, through one’s concentration. The connection of all these elements can be enhanced by creating an adequate sound space thus facilitating entry into the meditative state. Thus we can understand that in the search for concentrated attention we find external objects and interior objects, and how some connect with others.
In this sense, the thought of Pierre Schaeffer is quite close to the idea of ​​how the external and internal objects are related. For Schaeffer the ears are much more than receptacles of sound, they are moved by the impact of the world that presents itself. When we hear an external sound, it becomes internal existing in our consciousness as of when we perceive it.
The installation proposes to the listener a living link with the electric and sound nature, proposed in the piece and mixed with «the infinity of the sounds noises» of the urban environment, pretends to approach the contemplative state within a daily frame such as garden or a quiet space in the neighborhood.

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