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The PDP11 group, founded with the aim of establishing an open platform for research of sound and image at its closest to digital side. Later the sensory range will be expanded to also address culinary arts. Currently the group is formed by: Carlos García Miragall (sound and visuals), Francisco Sanmartin (sound), Maria Jóse Martinez (visual), David Jengibre (flavors and smells) and Deco Nascimento . The main research interests are:

  • Sound art. Experimenting with natural sounds, synthetic sounds and traditional and unusual instruments.
  • Visual art. Experimenting with image synthesis and real images.
  • Culinary art. Experimenting with new ways to develop, look, smell and taste the food.
  • Multisensory art as communication model. Search relations and interactions between sound art, visual arts and culinary arts.

Collective activity arises in the form of open projects. In each of the projects a conceptual model on which structure the contents is defined.

The first project is presented in February 2012 “Where were you when we were also going on?” in the cultural association Pluton. The multisensory project “Batida Tropical” is presented within the International Mostra of Advanced Music and Audiovisual (MIMAA) in October 2012. In May 2013 The project “Stratosphere” is in the Festival Cabañal Portes Obertes of Valencia.

In November 2013 the Core Laboratorial NANO Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)  invites us to make a mutlimedia installation, Visual No Bosque Sonoro Perfomance for the event Hiperorgânicos 4: Concha / Ressonâncias. 4th International Symposium and Laboratório Aberto de Pesquisa em Art, Hibridação and Bio-Telematics.

In March 2014 we are invited to participate in the Festival Nits d’Aielo i Art 17th.  In October 2014 we are invited to conduct a performance based on the idea of sound meditation for the Symposium “The mystique of conscious body. Art, nature and contemplation”.  In November 2014 presented the multisensory  project  “La Pobla de les Males Dones”, for the Festival  Intramurs of Valencia. In December 2014 the project “Mareas Vivas” within the “mar_mar” exhibition framed in the “Mostra Viva” festival of Valencia is performed.

In November 2015 “La caja de Pandora” is performed as a multisensory project for the second edition of the festival Intramurs of Valencia. In May 2016 “Lux Interior” project is performed in the LPM Live Performers Meeting in Amsterdam on May 12, 2016. In October 2016 el multisensory project “Cuando se come aquí” is presented in the Third edition of the festival Intramurs of Valencia.

In May 2017 “Crossroad” proyect is performed in the LPM Live Perormers Meeting in Amsterdam. In November 2017, the multisensory project “2017 queremos comer caliente” is presented in the four edition of the festival Intramurs of Valencia. In November 2017 too, the “Atractor Caliente” project is performed in the Third International Congress ASC : Art, Science and City.